Social Media DIY

Many people have taken up the mantle of marketing with the ease and accessibility of Facebook. And if you’re good at writing and taking pictures, giving motion to graphics helps posts stand out. Operators doing marketing in an organic voice is what we once yearned for, and now that time is here. 

Social media success

I’m now an admin on several social media accounts, having to learn much in a short time. This article is by no means an exhaustive list of things to know for the Facebooks; it is just some obvious truth I’ve gathered along my path. There can also be exceptions to any organization; your mileage may vary.

Social media basics – consistency

The basics of knowing your color scheme (with corresponding hex code number), quality images, and message tone are fundamental. Put effort into having the same handle for multiple platforms. For example, my Instagram and Twitter handles are both @meepcat20, as is my Facebook @username. 

Eggs and Baskets

Know your target demographic and make sure that you have a social account that caters to that platform. For example, if you are selling jewelry, you want to have a Pinterest or an Etsy account. These are two platforms with a predominant female demo. There is no need to change messages across platforms; retread and reuse graphics and messages to streamline processes. It is always better to have more than one platform you are active on and monitoring. 


The most significant factor is, however, being consistent with posting. Said another way – you need to have a plan, or a schedule, of posts that will happen. I’m describing a marketing campaign. Once you are planning campaigns, you’re no longer a beginner.


Video is what gets the attention today – aka, motion graphics. Worthy of a post on its own, ensure that any text is legible in your video. I made a severe mistake animating a post that was illegible from the motion graphics.